​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​    STUDENT TESTIMONIALS FROM OUR GRADUATES


This was one of the most positive experiences of my life! I've never met anyone so invested in helping someone reach their goals! They were very comforting, inviting, and you feel so comfortable in their classes. Denny is such a wonderful and caring person who will go the extra mile to help students achieve their certification goals. Randy is such a joy and she is one of the most intelligent medical professionals I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! Together they are an amazing team and I am so grateful and achieved my goal to receive my national certification as a Phlebotomy technician. I would recommend anyone to check into their school!

​S. Thurman, NCPT 2023


I took the Phlebotomy course and it was great! I loved how they got straight to the point and were very encouraging and helpful! Denny and Randy are very good people! Funny too, definitely had a few laughs and fun doing the program. I think I'll definitely come back for Dental Assistant after I get into my Phlebotomy journey!

E. Isaac, NCPT 2023


I really enjoyed taking the Phlebotomy class in Fall 2022, Randy was a great instructor and Denny had a lot of information before taking the course. The course was well organized with hands-on practice and prepared me to pass the National Certification. I got a job immediately after at a large local Plasma Center! Then I returned in 2023 to take the Dental Assistant program with Karla as the instructor. I had so much fun and she was a great teacher! Then I got a really good Dental job that I love by the time the class ended! Now I have 2 desirable skills within only months! If you are debating taking a class from Medical Educators, don't wait to take it! It's a very well run school with reasonable expectations! If you take these classes, you will be able to get a job!

H. J. Laughlin NCPT 2022/Dental Assistant 2023


After doing a lot of research, I chose Medical Educators and it was definitely the best way to start 2022! The Phlebotomy program was great! There was much information to learn, but the class size made it great for asking questions and understanding more throughly! Randy was a great instructor and on top of everything especially when you needed help. Denny helped me tremendously in exploring my options and kept in great communication even after the class to follow up on my job hunt! I landed a job 2 weeks after the class! Is it worth it? YES!! Would I go back and take another class with them in the future? Definitely! R. Van, Phlebotomy 2022


I took the 2022 Phlebotomy program here, Randy and Denny are absolutely the best! This class is very hands on, which I enjoyed! Nothing "virtual" here. Since this is a fast paced course with an amount of general knowledge, I enjoyed how small the class was because it was easier to have one on one! They both really care about your education and the success of your career! Denny also helped me to get a position as a Phlebotomist with Bon Secours! K. Smith, Phlebotomy 2022


Medical Educators is a great program to get into the Dental Assistant field quickly! You learn the basics needed and I even found a job while completing my externship at one of the largest Dental practices in Virginia! My instructor was amazing and Denny the school President was extremely nice and helpful in getting me placed!  Thank you! K. Prince, Dental Assistant 2022


Best phlebotomy course! Very hands on and best instructors. Hands down!

S. Minott, NCPT, Phlebotomy Program 2021


I completed the Dental Assistant program and during my externship, I got hired at two dental offices, one Orthodontic and other at General Dentistry. Jessica is an amazing teacher and takes her time explaining material to you!. Denny, school Director is also amazing. They are professional, caring people and want to see you succeed. I recommend this school if you're ready to change your career and do it in no time. 6 weeks, two days a week and you're off to do your externship. Also, Denny has great connections with many dentists to help find an office to begin you're externship or leads on a position. You're never alone and they are there to genuinely help.

F. Banks, Dental Assistant 2021


Instructor Randy is very knowledgeable in the field of phlebotomy. She is also calm, patient, and accepting of questions. The overall impression is that both she and Denny, wants all the students to be successful. Prep for the national exam is phenomenal. The in-class partner sticks are a very valuable training skill. 

A. Bey, NCPT, Phlebotomy Program 2021


I completed the Dental Assisting course back in 2017 and have been lucky enough to Assist in General and Ortho. I also did Office Manager work with a dental office. This course got my foot in the door to following my dreams. Words can not express my gratitude. I loved going to school here and I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have received thanks to you guys.

V. Randolph, Dental Assistant Program


Dental Assisting was awesome. Jessica is an amazing teacher. if you want a fast paced class & not wanting to spend a lot of time in the class room then I recommend taking this class! I found a job while doing my externship! It’s only 6 weeks but they fly by quick! V. Allison, Dental Assistant 2020


Currently in the last week of the Phlebotomy program and I Love it!! Randy and Denny are excellent people and took their time teaching our class! I learned a lot for the new course in life I'm taking and I couldn't be more grateful for the teaching techniques Randy used to teach us quickly and efficiently!! I highly recommend Medical Educators to anyone who is looking for a new career path!! Best money I've EVER spent on a new trade!! A. Luna, CPT, Phlebotomy Program 2020


​Medical Educators is a Phlebotomy program that you have to check out. Denny and Randy are so friendly and helpful. I was apprehensive about taking a class at my age, but they made the process very enjoyable and stress free.
Randy is the coolest teacher I have ever encountered! She is extremely knowledgeable in Phlebotomy and so easy to talk to. She made all of us feel as close friends within the first day. The program flowed beautifully, and I feel it set me up for great success in my new career. I truly want to thank both Denny and Randy for a wonderful experience . Lots of positive vibes and good wishes to everybody in their future career as Phlebotomists! 
G. Snyder, CPT, Phlebotomy Program 2020


Awesome program! If you're a quick learner and ready to get out into the work force then this is the program for you. I took the Dental Assisting program and although it was challenging at times it was worth it in every way! Jessica is a very knowledgeable instructor and highlights the important information, without all of the fluff. Don't be discouraged if you are a non traditional student, a mother or feel like you aren't good enough. You ABSOLUTELY can excel in this program and be on your way to a great career. I highly recommend Medical Educators! A. Bowen, Dental Assistant 2020


Only 3 weeks after my Externship at Bon Secours, I was hired as a full time EKG Tech. The Externship coordinated by Medical Educators gave me an excellent opportunity in obtaining that job!! Denny, President of Medical Educators, is well respected by the department head and played a big role in my getting the job!! Randy is very knowledgeable and the EKG program provided me with all the knowledge I needed to pass my National Certification! I can not thank Medical Educators enough for a great new career!! T. Zimmer, NCET, EKG Program 2019


Medical Educators was a great experience for me! The Dental Assistant program is six weeks on Saturdays and by the end of the program I received a job offer with Michael Krone in Farmville Va and Midlothian Va. Being a Dental Assistant is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, Denny and Chloe helped me achieve the goal of being a Dental Assistant. Chloe is a great teacher and one of the best teachers I have ever had! If you are thinking about being a Dental Assistant, start your program through Medical Educators and gain the same wonderful experience I have! S. Wilmoth, Dental Assistant Program 2019


​I finished the Phlebotomy Course offered by Medical Educators. I'm impressed by the level of professionalism demonstrated by Randy and Denny throughout my experience! From the moment that I enrolled they were helpful. I successfully completed the program, participated in a externship coordinated by the school and obtained my Phlebotomy Certification. Thanks to the program and one of the contacts Denny has within the Richmond medical community, I have accepted a Phlebotomist position with a large local medical facility . I cannot say enough nice things about Medical Educators!

Rudisbert Labrada, NCPT Phlebotomy Program 2019


I attended Medical Educators Dental Assisting program in March 2019. After two years at a local community college, I became side tracked by life. After months of trying to find something that I enjoyed, I found Medical Educators. The class was enjoyable and informative. Jessica was a great instructor and prepared us for daily dental assisting! K Johnson, Dental Assisting 2019


Medical Educators is a great school. I’ve attended two programs at this school (Phlebotomy in 2015 and EKG in 2019) and I was very pleased with both of the sessions due to the knowledge that I obtained. I have worked in the Phlebotomy field since 2015.  It also worked great with my work and home schedule. The length of the programs is very ideal for those who may have young children at home or currently working.  Denny, the school director, is great. He will definitely get you in for the program of your choice and if not available, he’ll reach out to you for the next session if you’re still interested. Randy, our instructor, is great as well. You can tell she’s been doing this for a while due to the knowledge that she has while reviewing material. I plan to take their Dental Assistant class in the near future. I definitely recommend this school. A Riddick NCPT & NCET, EKG 2019/Phlebotomy 2015


I highly recommend Medical Educators above and beyond any local and/or national training center.  I met Randy (Owner/Training Specialist) and Denny (Owner/Operations) earlier this year when I enrolled in their phlebotomy certification course.  Randy was excellent in facilitating the phlebotomy course.  The training guide and classroom instructions were extremely comprehensive and organized.  Even though medical terminology & content could easily be intimidating, their designed flow of detailed information allows each person to feel at ease with knowledge retention.  Denny manages the daily operations of Medical Educators.  Participants were clearly advised in advance of the course expectations, upcoming testing dates and externship details.  Randy & Denny have a genuine interest in the success and future of each person enrolled.  After successful completion of the Phlebotomy course, I immediately enrolled in the EKG certification course. I am now certified in both Phlebotomy and EKG and have gained employment in both fields with prestigious medical practices thanks to Medical Educators' contacts within the Richmond medical community. I can not thank them enough!".  A. Fobbs, (NCPT, NCET) EKG & Phlebotomy Programs 2019


Medical Educators delivers on all of their promises! I completed the EKG program and everything was explained in detail throughout the  program and occurred as expected. The Instructor, Randy, was extremely knowledgeable in regards to all aspects of Cardiology and EKG!
What sets this school far apart from other programs is the degree of expertise and knowledge of their instructors, the professionalism exhibited by the administrator and all the staff and most importantly the networking and relationships this school has in the medical community.  I completed my externship in one of the most respected medical centers in Richmond and received an immediate job offer upon completion!  This school deserves 10 stars!
E Polkosnic, CET, EKG Program 2018/2019

Want the BEST, Medical Educators Is It !!
After an extensive online search for Phlebotomy Classes,  Medical Educators, was the school for me :)  I called and made an appointment to meet with Denny, the owner, and signed up for the Phlebotomy Class on the spot. I started the next 5 week class and was done 5 weeks later.  Randy, the instructor and co-owner, is a very kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable teacher!!  She taught us everything we needed to know to begin our externship and pass all the quizzes and final exam as well. Thanks to Denny's expeditious maneuvering, I was able to start my externship a week before our class ended!!  Go Denny :) !!!  Randy and Denny are the perfect Duo and are Amazing at their jobs! Thanks Denny & Randy, job well done ! I recommend Medical Educators & will be singing their praises for years to come :) Mary (L.) Watts,CPT, Phlebotomy Program 2018

(UPDATE: Ms. Watts was employed with American Red Cross within 2 months of starting our program!)


I previously took the Phlebotomy course two years ago with SVCC and basically got nothing out of it! At the beginning we were told we get a certificate of completion with successfully completing the course but that came out to be not true. We didn’t get anything and I went to so many people complaining and demanding answers but everyone said they don’t know what I’m talking about. Then I was told I had a certain amount of time to take the boards or I would have to retake the class and by the time I found this out it was too late. All that was BS. So I decided to search around to find another class to take because I wanted a fresh start with maybe an organization who knew what they were doing. I found Randy and Denny and I absolutely love them! It was a little over an hour drive for me but it was DEFINITELY WORTH IT. I HIGHLY recommend Medical Educators. I learned so much more than I did the first time I took it at the Community College. The class went very smooth! I became certified as a Phlebotomist and Denny even hooked me up with a hospital internship at Centra Health closer to my home in Farmville. They’re such great people!

K. Crews, CPT, Phlebotomy Program 2018 UPDATE: Ms. Crews was employed as a Phlebotomist at Oxford, NC Medical Center only weeks after her externship! At the same time, she was also offered employment at Centra Health as a Phlebotomist!


Denny and Randy run an excellent school and I highly recommend this school to get your certification in a quick amount of time. I started on June the 11th and had my Phlebotomy Certification certificate in hand on August 7. I start my orientation on September 24, 2018 for the Mid-Atlantic region Red Cross. I was offered an externship through Medical Educators close to my home and I live in a very rural area by Charlottesville and Denny hooked me up with a wonderful medical office for me to get my Phlebotomy sticks. I still volunteer at this clinic in my free time because they are a wonderful group to work with also. A Williams, CPT Phlebotomy Program 2018

HIRED AS A DENTAL ASSISTANT FROM MY EXTERNSHIP!    I had a great experience taking the Dental Assisting program. The program is awesome and will prepare you to know information needed for when you go out to find a job. The the class is so interesting. Even though it’s a lot of hours in one day, it is worth your time and money. I got hired as a Pediatric Dental Assistant while doing my Medical Educators externship. Overall awesome experience! Yussara Cano, Dental Assistant Program 2018

THIS SCHOOL IS EVERYTHING I NEEDED TO CHANGE MY LIFE! I was looking for a way to get my life together and finding something quick and I came across Medical Educators and I’m soooo glad I did! I took the Feb 2018 EKG program. Randy was a fantastic instructor who knows her stuff, about the program and about life, she is hilarious too. Denny was a wonderful Director who got me a externship no more than 10 mins from my house (all the way in Fredericksburg) . My first week into my externship I got calls to set up interviews for Hospital positions after my externship (Which I ended up accepting the offer!!!) less than a month after my externship ended (4/20/18) I will be starting my first day into orientation!! Thank you Medical Educators for giving me an opportunity to achieve one of my goals....To enter the medical field efficiently with some hard work! T DeBose, CET, EKG Program 2018


"Dental Assistant program is absolutely wonderful!! This course is definitely worth it! Got a job immediately after my externship, starting out $13 dollars an hour! I would definitely recommend this course!" C. Williams, Dental Assistant 2018


I would recommend this school to others. The phlebotomy class was not easy, but it was worth it! I did my externship through Centra Health and within a week of finishing it I was offered 2 jobs at Farmville hospital with Centra. K. O'Brien, NCPT, Phlebotomy 2018


I finished the Phlebotomy program February 2018 and received a job offer the same month right out of my externship! Denny and Randy are both wonderful teachers and will do everything they can to help you along the way. When you go to sign up Denny is very helpful in explaining everything that you will need to do during the program and externship. Randy gives you clear instruction and very helpful advice for when you are in the field. This is something I have been wanting to do for awhile but other places I looked into were too far or didn't have an externship they set up for you. Medical Educators has everything, I was able to take the class, get my BLS CPR certification and take my national NHA certification test all at the same place. They even set up the externship for you that would best suit your needs in the field. If you are serious about getting into the medical field I would recommend this school !You won't find a better place for the money and experience they offer!! I loved this school so much that I am planning on taking their EKG program next year! Thank you Randy and Denny for giving me everything I need to start my dream job!

A. Thomson, CPT, Phlebotomy Program 2018 (4 Students Have Been Employed By This Major Medical Center Within Weeks Via Our Externship!)


I would highly recommend the Phlebotomy program through this school!
Being a single mother I didn't have the time to do a one or two year program. Medical Educators made it affordable and much quicker for me.  Exactly what I was looking for. I learned so much!  It was a lot of studying and work but I expected nothing less.  When you learn a new skill, it takes practice and work.  Denny and Randy were great and I appreciated the no nonsense approach Randy took with the instruction.  She means business, but with the course length you don't have time to mess around.  I appreciated that she respected me enough to get right to learning and practicing. She is being paid to teach you, and doesn't want you to miss anything.  This program really is the best way to go if you want to be nationally certified in a shorter period of time. You do jump in head first with this program.  (Something I appreciated.)  The first day you stick someone so be ready.  That said, I was excited about that.  I did graduate, am Nationally certified, and was offered two positions at different places and was able to accept an offer working my dream job!  Denny and Randy opened that door for me and I'm so grateful!  They helped me start an entirely new career, in a field I have always wanted to be in. They were there if I needed anything along the way.  I heard repeatedly from different places I applied, and from my externship that they hire graduates from Medical Educators because they are good.  Can't say enough about how good my experience was.  I loved it!  If you know you want to be a Phlebotomist, go through Medical Educators! I would highly recommend the Phlebotomy program through this school!  

H. Goodman, NCPT, Phlebotomy Program 2018


I thoroughly recommend this school! As a single parent this school helped me succeed to become a Dental Assistant. It’s was affordable and the days and hours were very reasonable. It was easy to find a job after taking the course. I started a part time job and soon after got offered a full time job where I completed my externship. I am very satisfied and want to thank Denny and the staff for being such great people so that their students achieve. S. Mata, Dental Assistant Program 2018


I highly recommend this school!. I went to another school that was closed by the state after being there for two months a couple of years ago due to their training and not certified to offer national exams and was afraid to try another school . I  found Medical Educators and it was a great experience! Randy is a very passionate teacher and you will get what you need to know to be a Phlebotomist! At the end of your class they provided me with an internship at doctor's office and I was hired before I finished my internship with Denny's recommendations. So if you're serious about being a Phlebotomist Medical Educators is the place to go! Money well spent.  Thank you Randy and Denny. N. Gresham, Phlebotomy Program 2018

​"Highly Recommend!"

I’m a pre-med student, that was looking to boost their medical school applications and I thought obtaining a  phlebotomy certification would help a ton! I’m so glad I found this school! I live in Fredericksburg, so it was a commute, but I was only required to be there twice a week for six weeks. It was absolutely affordable and the owner allowed a flexible payment plan. The class itself was very hands on... we were sticking on the first day! The instructor was knowledgeable but in order to be successful, you did need to commit extra study time for this course, which seemed to be the only struggle for some of my fellow classmates. The staff there even went out of the way to get me an externship at a hospital in Fredericksburg I’m currently already affiliated with, over an hour away! I got to work in patient and outpatient for over three months! I was practicing sticks in the ICU, in trauma cases, and even on newborns! Great overall experience, and I was even offered a job interview after. Highly recommend!

T. Gieser, NCPT Phlebotomy Program 2017

"I attended Medical Educators this past spring and it was such a life changing experience. I went for the Dental Assistant program, Denny (Director of Medical Educators) and Ms. Judy (Dental Hygienist who teaches the class) made sure that I was on the right track at all times. In class if you do not understand anything, Ms.Judy does not mind going back and staying on that section a little longer. After class she Judy will stay with you if you want to work on the homework or if you have any questions she is willing to work with you. I highly recommend this school to anyone. I now have a FT job as a Dental Assistant in my field thanks to the wonderful externship provided by the school. I appreciate everything they have taught me. 5 stars does them no justice, they need 100 stars plus more. Thank you Medical Educators."
​  S. Nash, Dental Assistant Program 2017


"I took the Phlebotomy Technician's Course and it's honestly the best program out there for the money! I looked at different programs for months comparing and I am so glad I choose this school! The externship is what set this school apart you will definitely want that hands on experience in a professional setting to brag about to your potential employers. As for the class,  you WILL need to dedicate the entire 6 weeks for solely focusing on learning the the material. There is a test every time the class meet and absolutely no time to fall behind. If you study hard you will do well. I highly recommend to those college students or college grads that want to learn a new skill and are familiar with a substantial workload. Spoilers: There is a gigantic project and it will take more than 12 hours to complete. Lastly, the instructor Ms. Randy plays NO GAMES, the class is short and she will expect you to be prepared and on top of the material, no excuses. It's just like a college course honestly a lot of studying and then you go back over it with Ms.Randy. I just passed my national certification exam with a fantastic score! Best of luck, this school is a great choice if you're in need of a new skill. Can never have too much education!" S. Wheeler, NCPT, Phlebotomy Program 2017


"I completed the EKG Tech course and I loved how the class was set up, with a small class size and a lot of one on one with Randy. She is very knowledgeable and can simplify anything to make it easy to understand, which is quite a challenge when it comes to the complexity of EKG. I accomplished a 92% passing score on the National Certification Exam which is phenomenal! Denny was always supportive and made sure to set me up with an externship that was close to my house and at a great hospital. As long as you do what you are suppose to, such as coming to class and actually reading and studying the material, you will do well. Randy and Denny were nothing but kind to everyone I saw walk through the door and I can't say enough nice things about them!"​ K. Martin, NCET, EKG Program  2017

"Exceptionally Outstanding Program:"
I attended Medical Educators' Phlebotomy program in 2011 and have not failed to credit both Denny and Randy for every bit of my resultant success! Not only did I move forward into a fulfilling phlebotomy career, I was able to apply the knowledge they brought AND instilled in me CONSTANTLY. I can account first hand how little some people ( working employees even!) know and understand about the aspects of Phlebotomy, customer service, personal protection, legal protection, patient care, bedside manner, professionalism, human interest, respect, compassion, understanding, (AND MORE) that Denny & Randy's program showed are TANTAMOUNT to providing a superior service to those in need. I personally have believed since the first time I thought to myself "This company could benefit IMMENSELY from Medical Educators' program," that this is the kind of training ALL Phlebotomists should have to complete and demonstrate in order to meet requirements for their jobs! I can't find enough ways to support everything they've offered their students!!!"
Jackie H., NCPT, Phlebotomy Program (Jackie is now a Phlebotomy Manager at a Blood Bank in New Orleans, LA)


"I want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had taking the Dental Assisting program at Medical Educators. It really helped me as I transitioned to a new career in Dental Assisting after raising my family. I had completed another local program for dental assisting, but was unsuccessful gaining a job with the skills I had gained with that program! A local dentist suggested I try Medical Educators. The Medical Educators program provided a small class with one on one instruction. The class focused on the specific material and skills we would need to do the job of a dental assistant. The text used was very focused, and gave us the applicable information needed for the field. Our instructor, Judy made the class fun and interesting. Her many years of experience in the field was invaluable. I had a wonderful experience in the program, and am grateful to you and Judy! I was offered an entry level position  before I even finished the program, and am now working at a job that I truly love!"
Thank you Medical Educators!
Paige Y., Dental Assistant Program 2017

"Amazing Phlebotomy Program!"
I went to Medical Educators and the money spent on the program was well worth it. Medical Educators is an excellent school, both Denny and Randy care about their students! Denny makes sure that you are putting your best foot forward by coordinating great externships. Randy is an excellent instructor, everything is hands on from the first day you start. The course is fast paced and you get to learn so much in a short amount of time given that you are putting in all the effort and time into the course. I did both Phlebotomy and Dental Assisting and I was able to find jobs in both fields. I currently volunteer at a clinic in Fredericksburg for Dental Assisting. I also work full time as a Phlebotomist at a urgent care in Fredericksburg along with a friend who also took the Phlebotomy course at Medical Educators. I am very thankful for both Denny and Randy who are very passionate about educating and motivating their students. They have taught me so much more than what any other school could have taught me. When I see any negative reviews, they are either from students who didn't pass the course or just because they did not put the time and effort to be successful. Randy expresses that she is tough and does not deal with a student who is not going to put forth the effort, because it is not fair to those who do want to excel."
J. Vargas Phlebotomy (NCPT) & Dental Assistant 2016/2017

"I attended Medical Educators this past Fall for the Dental Assistant program. I have to say the environment was fantastic, we all had a great experience in class! The instructor is very knowledgeable, really nice and always explains everything so well to everybody's understanding. The externship I was placed at taught me so much!  My brother and I both went into this program and both came out doing so well, with jobs right after. So within 3 months, I completed the program and was employed as a Dental Assistant. I would truly recommend this program to anyone that is looking for a job in the medical field." E. Estrada, Dental Assistant Program


I received a job offer as a Phlebotomist only a few weeks after completing my externship! I believe that the training and strong reference provided by Denny to the hiring Manager at the hospital got me this position! I also want to give credit where credit is due. Randy is tough, fair, and kind. Denny was and still is extremely helpful and wants you to succeed. I have read unsavory reviews from past students concerning the education provided by this wonderful team. These statements are unfair and untrue! Unfortunately, there were students in my class that were disrespectful to the staff by talking among themselves (personal drama), while the teacher was speaking, or they were looking at their phone and not coming prepared for class. Maybe this contributed to their negativity and not being successful. If they had been paying attention, as I did, they would have benefited from the wisdom that Randy and Denny have to share. I know for certain that the valuable training I received and the wonderful staff at Medical Educators was the key to my success!"  K. Starcher, NCPT, Phlebotomy Program 2017

(There are now 3 students from Medical Educators that have been employed as Phlebotomists at this major Medical Center all within the past few weeks)


"I am about to finish the EKG technician program at Medical Educators and I couldn't be more satisfied with what I got out of this program.  At Medical Educators they don't just teach you the material you need to know, they also help you learn how to find a job and how to apply your skills so that you can advance your career further. It is very affordable and doesn't take as long as other schools to get your certificate. The instructor, Randy,  is very helpful and knowledgeable. Denny, the school Director really knows what he is doing and is all about the student and their success. This training got me a job with one of the largest Cardiology practices in the state of Virginia. The best part was, I hadn't even finished the program yet! I'm positive that if you take a class through Medical Educators and you apply yourself, learn the material, and do well in the externship you will definitely find a job using what you learned. It is a wonderful program and it really gives you the best chance to start a meaningful career in healthcare." T. Abbate, EKG Technician Program 2017

"A School that gets Results!" 

Excellent school with excellent programs! Randy the instructor is clearly passionate about what she does. She takes the time to ensure everyone's understanding the material. She absolutely wants you to succeed, and does everything she can to ensure that you do. The school and programs are designed to teach you the essential skills, help you pass the national certification examination and place you in a great externship at a medical facility. There's no fluff, no unnecessary or overly complicated material. Unlike diploma mills and other schools that would rather drag out a program and keep you paying as long as possible, this one does everything it can as efficiently as possible to get you prepared to get into a profession and start making money. Denny, the school President is super approachable and easy to work with and coordinated my externship at the Medical Center following completion of the coursework. I recently completed my externship which was a fantastic experience and just weeks after was asked to interview for and was offered a full-time Phlebotomy position. I was so impressed with the program and Randy and Denny that I'm also taking the EKG class to become nationally certified in EKG. There's always somebody looking for an easy ride or a free handout. That's not how it works here, you get out what you put in. You have to work, study and put yourself out there. If you do that, there's no way you can't reach your goals with the education, skills, and resources they give you at Medical Educators."

J. Givens, NCPT, Phlebotomy Program 2017

" I attended Medical Educators late 2015 for the Dental Assistant program. The convenience of having the classes on a Saturday fit my schedule perfectly! The instructor Judy was great and helpful in every way possible, she would explain everything to the very point if you didn't understand and helped you if you needed additional assistance. I passed with flying colors. But it wasn't only the instructor that makes this school great, but the man that runs the program, Denny. Because of him and his love of seeing people succeed, I am where I am at today! He was encouraging in every way in pursuing my goal of becoming a Dental Assistant, I was very unsure because traditionally 99% of the assistants are female. But Denny set up a great externship at a Pediatric Dental office and contacted me when Dental offices were looking for assistants to hire.  I chose the best office and love my career. I would never regret choosing Medical Educators!"  Fabian Estrada, Dental Assistant Program

"What a difference Medical Educators made in my life. I didn't think it was possible to go back to school with being out for so long, but the small class size and individual attention by the instructor Randy reassured me that I could succeed. Randy and Denny made a great team and helped me achieve more than just a 9-5 job, but a career! I started applying for jobs the 2nd to last week of class. Denny had already set up my externship by then and I couldn't have imagined what would happen next. I began my externship on Monday and by Thursday I had accepted a job as a Phlebotomist. I can't stop telling everyone I know about the changes they can make in their lives if they take the step like I did.  I recommend Medical Educators to anyone who wants skills that will set them up for success!"
S. Burcham, Phlebotomy Program 2016

"Never underestimate the power of a dream. I started this journey let's say 20 years ago. I have always wanted to be a Dental Assistant. Life happens, I had a child, and the dream slowly disappeared. I have always wondered what it would be like to become a Dental Assistant. But, now I know. I have truly enjoyed my experience here at Medical Educators. Mrs. Judy, our instructor, and Mr. Denny are both very passionate about you succeeding. I had 2 job offers just 2 weeks after I have finished the program. I had to chose one. I have a very busy schedule. I am a mother. I work full time as a CNA in a very busy hospital in Richmond Va. I am going to school to become a Respiratory Therapist. I have only 1 year left. If I could tell anyone who reads this. NEVER GIVE UP, AND YOUR DREAMS DOES NOT HAVE AN EXPIRATION DATE. Thank you so much Denny and Judy you have truly changed my life........."
J Hope Viney, Dental Assistant Program 2016

"The phlebotomy program at Medical Educators put me on the right track to a new, rewarding career. I am grateful to have found the school and by making the choice to sign up for the phlebotomy class in October of 2015. I really enjoyed how the class instructor, Randy, gave us hands on experience and thoroughly taught the class. She helped me feel confident in my phlebotomy ability, and is such a fantastic instructor! I highly appreciate how Randy dedicated her time to help each student and to reassure them in a positive manner. The school president, Denny, matched me with an externship that gave me even more hands on experience in a clinical setting. Randy and Denny are wonderful instructors and truly help their students reach their goals and help them succeed. I am excited to say that after graduating from the school, less than three weeks later I accepted a job offer from the American Red Cross! I highly recommend anyone who is looking to change their career to healthcare to go to Medical Educators. I wish I had found the school sooner! Thank you Medical Educators for everything you taught me, and helping me gain the skills I needed to have this wonderful opportunity at American Red Cross!" 
A Priddy, NCPT, Phlebotomy 2016

"Medical Educators is your fast track ticket to a successful career. My Phlebotomy    course started in   October, classes were done by November.   I completed my externship in  December and by January  I had  a new exciting  career with Virginia Blood Services. What more could I ask  for? The school President Denny,  will  guide  you  through your  entire  process. The Instructor Randy is a  plethora of knowledge.  Team them  together and you have a  pathway  to success." 
~ Claudine Woods, NCPT, Phlebotomy 2016'

" I appreciate all the knowledge and information obtained from my instructors. I absolutely Love this school! I would just like to thank you for the opportunities you opened up for me with your Phlebotomy class. Your training was great, and the instructor was outstanding. Randy did a fantastic job, and was so helpful and personable with the classroom clinical training. She made performing the skills a little less stressful with her positive attitude and calming reassurance. Denny was amazing with promptly finding and placing me into an externship, where I was complimented by others with the training, knowledge and skills taught by "Medical Educators" . I even received a job with the hospital where I completed my externship within a month.
Again, thanks for such a great program and for the friendly atmosphere. It was a great experience, and I will definitely refer others to your program."
  N.Smith, NCPT  Phlebototomy Summer 2015

"This program allowed me to change my career path seamlessly. Our instructor, Judy takes time to work with each student as they need help and assist them with externships. She worked with me to find not only an externship, but an interview that led to a job with a dental practice (my only experience being this program),  immediately as I finished the program. I am about to start a new and exciting career as a Dental Assistant and I have Medical Educators to thank."   
M. Marasco, Dental Assistant Program Fall 2015.
"Medical Educators gave me the education and experience to get my dream job. The EKG program gave me hands on learning and the externship at a cardiologist's office provided real patient practice. This led me to my job at the same  cardiologist's office as my externship when Medical Educators  set me up for an interview. Taking a class at Medical Educators is a positive step in achieving a great career.
R. Ledbetter, EKG Program 2015

"I enjoyed the Dental Assistant program here at Medical Educators. I learned alot of the basics from Ms. Judy, she was a awesome teacher and wanted to help you succeed. Denny and Ms. Judy found my internship at a pediatric dentistry. Everyone at my internship was very nice and helpful. I got to be hands-on with the kids which helped me learn everything very quickly. After my internship was over I was asked to work for them full time, I am overjoyed that I get to grow with such a amazing group of people. Going to Medical Educators was a huge success for me and I am very thankful for all their help."
-T. Hoyle, Dental Assistant Program 2015 (2 students have now been employed by this practice in the past 4 months immediately following their externship provided by Medical Educators!)

"I attended the Phlebotomy program at Medical Educators in the Fall of 2014 and less than 2 months after I passed my national certification exam I received a call from Denny about a job interview for a Phlebotomy position. The manager that contacted him for applicants was another graduate of Medical Educators. I was working two jobs in retail with very long hours. I received the job offer and have been working here for almost 3 months and have completely fallen in love with my new job and staff. Medical Educators changed my life and with their help I was able to go from working two  jobs  and struggling to keep up to working one job in the field of my choice with a brand new apartment, all in less than two months. Denny and Randy were wonderful throughout the entire program, which is fast-paced and well organized. Without them I wouldn't be where I am today! Listen in class, study hard, put in the effort and you will do well. I can't thank Denny and Randy enough for what they have done for me. I would recommend Medical Educators to all my friends and family in a heartbeat!" 
2015 A. O'Toole, NCPT,Phlebotomy Certification Program

"I just recently graduated the Dental Assistant Program In December 2014 and want to encourage anyone wishing to do a program with Medical Educators. You will get the best assistance and support from the instructor. Enrolling for the Dental Assistant program was the best decision I could've made for myself. I finished school in 2 months and got hired from my externship provided by Medical Educators! I'm loving my new career! "  K. Normmega, Dental Assistant Program

"It is hard to believe that I am not even at my one year mark since graduating from Medical Educators. The school provided me with all of the medical information, Phlebotomy techniques and skills I needed to successfully complete my externship at a large regional medical center and I was hired almost immediately with Bon Secours as a patient care aid.  Within weeks of that I was asked to interview for a Phlebotomy position with one of the nation's largest paramedical firms. The skills that Randy provided me not only allowed me to gain that position, but within months was promoted to the chief medical examiner. I now also supervise 80 medical examiners throughout the entire state of Virginia. I hire, train and oversee all 80 plus examiners.  I can't thank you both enough for all of your help and dedication that was offered before, during and after the course.  Without Denny's letter of reference, and Randy's help, I know that I would not been blessed with such an amazing position!  Thank you both again for everything! (October 2014),  M. Quin, NCPT, Chief Medical Examiner APPS Paramedical.

"Thank you Medical Educators!  I now have a wonderful job at a dental office, and my daughter will be able to work in a dental office while attending school to become a Dental Hygienist! 
I completed the Phlebotomy program at Medical Educators in April 2014 and next the Dental Assisting program in July 2014, along with my daughter.  A big thanks to  Randy (Phlebotomy instructor).  You taught me so much.  Your love of learning is a true inspiration to your students.  With your class and lots of hard work, I was fully prepared to take the exam to become a Nationally Certified Phlebotomy Technician.  I now have more than one career option in my future!  Another big thanks to Judy (Dental Assisting instructor).  My daughter and I had so much fun attending your class together.  You are a warm and enthusiastic teacher who made each class truly enjoyable.  You prepared us with everything we needed to begin our dental careers!  And thank you to Denny (President) for a wonderful experience!"
 J. Dewell, NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program and Dental Assistant Program

"I have to thank Randy and Denny for a wonderful learning experience in the EKG course I attended in 2014.  Randy is educated and field experienced in Cardiovascular systems and occupations, giving real life testimony and explaining the heart in a way that is easily comprehendable. She teaches above and beyond what is required to be an EKG tech so that you are comfortable and confident in your ability.  You are even prepared  to do other positions such as monitor tech, stress testing and telemetry. I had a great time in my internship that Medical Educators organized through a large local hospital, working with diverse patients- from mentally ill intakes to post and pre-op surgery... even children and infants.
I now work for the same hospital and am very excited to move up into higher positions.  I recommend this school to all of my friends!" 
R. Miller, NCET, RMA, CDP, CNA

"I would just like to take this time and say Thank You. Coming to Medical Educators in March 2014 for the Phlebotomy program was one of the best things I could have done for my future. I very much enjoyed having Randy as my instructor. She helped me get to where I needed to be. If it was not for Denny and Randy sending me to the hospital for my clinicals I would have never received the wonderful job opportunity I did. I did not want to go to the hospital because I did not feel it was for me. I am so glad Denny and Randy have seen something in me that I did not see. My clinical was great and I am now employed at the same hospital where I completed my clinical rotations. I can never thank you enough for the great classroom experience, your time and dedication to me as a student, and for believing in me. It just means so much to me because now my future is changing and its for the better. It only took one and a half months for me to become employed after I completed your class, and to me that means everything.  Medical Educators is a great school and I would recommend anybody looking to take classes to this school. As long as the student puts in the time and effort anything is possible at Medical Educators with people like Denny and Randy who really care. Again, thank you two so much for everything and I will always keep you posted as to how things are going." R. Hammond NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"I am writing to thank you both again for everything.  I completed the Phlebotomy program several years ago and I am now a Supervisor and Field Trainer at the Blood Center in New Orleans. I can see having learned so much from caring people like you has affected me as a person as well as my career as a Phlebotomist! Not a day goes by that I don't try to instill that same level of compassion into my co-workers and trainees. I am also warmed by the memory of you both reminding students and new employees to "listen to your patients and donors".  Not a single word that either of you ever said to me was lost. Thank you both for all of the amazing knowledge, advice and everything." Always
J. Hammett, NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"My name is Daynisha  and I attended the Dental Assisting program in 2014 here at Medical Educators. We commuted from Fredericksburg, VA every Saturday. It was worth it! The instructor, Judy, was awesome. The class is very flexible and with the payment options, makes it even easier.  With some time and effort, after the course was completed, I got hired at a Orthodontics office in Sterling, VA a few months later. I went from being a teller at a Bank to now starting a career in the dental field at a Orthodontics practice. Lets see how much further I can go. Thank You Medical Educators." D. Harris, Dental Assistant Program

"My name is Gregory and I completed my Phlebotomy certification with Medical Educators. I was recommended by my wife Melody (who also completed the program) to complete this course and I'm glad that I did!  Randy teaches with an amazing hands-on approach which is essential for Phlebotomy education. Not only did I learn the proper fundamentals, but I also learned techniques ( that I still use today) for correct venipuncture. After completing the class, I completed an externship at a medical center thanks to the recommendation of Medical Educators. The externship provided  me with even more techniques for correct venipuncture and the knowledge I gained was truly immense. I'm thrilled that I went with Medical Educators for my national certification , because after attaining my certificate, my wife and I moved to Oregon. Since we both achieved our "national certification" through Medical Educators, we were both able to find jobs far away from where we began in Richmond. It was not only worth it , to learn Phlebotomy from Medical Educators, it greatly benefited our careers to chose Medical Educators."
G. Hendrix, NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"After graduating from high school and already having a one year old, I decided I wanted to do bigger and better things for not only myself but my family as well. After talking it over with my my husband, he suggested I get into the medical field. I then came to find out about "Medical Educators." At the time I was not completely sure what I wanted to do but then decided EKG was the thing for me. Medical Educators offered classes that were convenient to my needs. My husband was able to watch our son while I went to school and we worked rotating schedules. It was hard but within my 6 weeks at Medical Educators I was able to land a job as an EKG/Holter Tech at Bon Secours St.Francis Medical Center. I have been here for 2 years now and absolutely love my job and the amazing people I work with. Medical Educators  gave me the knowledge to read cardiac rhythm strips, preform quality EKG's, and taught me terms and phrases needed in the medical field. I am constantly telling people where I went to school and about all the other courses offered through this school. I am thoroughly excited about taking other courses through Medical Educators in the future."
E. Boatright, EKG Certification Program

"I have been trying to figure out my career path for a long time.  I had a degree that I never used and had no interest in pursuing.  Wanted to do something that would involve working with people, fast-paced and positive. When I first met with Denny, he emphasized how important it is to have a skill to apply in a career field to be successful. I know now he was right about it!  I signed up right away. I completed two programs with Medical Educators.  The first was "EKG Technician" and the second "Dental Assisting”.  I loved both fields and successfully underwent the courses and externships.
I had job offers for both fields, but decided to choose Dental where I was offered a position before even completing the course.  My instructors, Randy (for EKG) and Judy (Dental Assisting) were amazing!  Randy helped me to believe in myself and trust my choices and Judy became my advisor, giving me direction and guidance toward my goals.  I am very grateful for the knowledge provided by both of my instructors and believe their students will be successful. Another great thing about the programs are externships.  You learn the skills you need on the job and it also serves you as a foot in the door.  Medical Educators provided me with everything, I just had to study and be willing to put some time and effort into it. I would recommend Medical Educators to all my friends and relatives seeking new career paths or just trying to learn more and advance within their medical career. Thank you, Medical Educators."  
Sincerely, Y . Panshina, Dental Assistant Program March 2014

"Medical Educators is not only a great school, but have great professors. I recently finished the Phlebotomy program. I owe a huge thank you to Denny and Randy for the great opportunity of learning a new skill. Randy is a great professor, and makes the phlebotomy program straightforward. Randy did a great job in helping me prepare for the national exam; I couldn’t have done it alone, Thank you Randy!!  Denny and Randy both saw confidence in me, and sent me to Southside Regional Hospital in Petersburg, where the staff was helpful and I learned a lot.  A  month after my externship, I received a job at the American Red Cross, which is a great company to work for. I can’t thank Randy and Denny enough. I would recommend this school to anyone. Thanks again Randy and Denny for everything!!"
 K. Lipford, NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program 

"I am so grateful for Denny and Randy!!!  Randy is such an amazing professor and instructs such an intense and informative EKG program!  I am certain I received the best education possible!!!  This duo at Medical Educators is there solely to ensure that anybody willing to learn with an open mind is successful!!!  I traveled from Fredericksburg and Denny made certain I got to do my externship at Mary Washington Hospital!!!  I am now proud to say that I am a full time member of Mary Washington's Diagnostic Cardiology Team!!! Thank you so much Denny and Randy, the two of you opened so many doors for me and I now have a career to be proud of!!"  
N. Chandler, NCET, EKG Certification Program
"I want to thank Medical Educators, (Denny and Randy) for providing me with a great Phlebotomy educational program. This is a no nonsense straight forward program that gets right into teaching what is needed to become a functioning Phlebotomist. This was important to me because of having to travel from Fredericksburg. Randy is a great professor in this field and is able to educate anybody willing to put forth an effort. Denny provided me with the necessary guidance to complete my externship at a hospital in Richmond and take the national certification exam. Denny was able to recommend me for a job at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. I got hired this week (November 2013), as I was told is the main reason because of Denny’s recommendation. This is a great program that provides great education at reasonable price, just be prepared to start work from the first day." Thank You!
 S. McCoy, NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"I completed Medical Educators in June 2013. I traveled from the Norfolk, Va. area to attend classes and it was well worth the travel. Randy was an awesome instructor, and knew everything there was to know about phlebotomy. Denny worked his magic to land me the very best externship, I actually got hired with Sentara Health Systems in Suffolk while I was still on my externship. I strongly recommend Medical Educators to anyone who is wants a career in Phlebotomy. I received so much knowledge from Medical Educators, I passed my National Certification Examination with a high score. I am now a Certified Phlebotomist. Thanks Medical Educators!!"
A. Rollins, NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

" I chose Medical Educators because it worked well with my schedule and was affordable! I completed the class in July 2013 and got a job offer as a Dental Assistant while still enrolled in the program. The instructor, Judy, was very nice and helpful.  One of the best parts of the class, was the opportunity to go to her dental office and further my training.  The class definitely provided me a good background and knowledge of the dentistry field."  
A. Martin, Dental Assistant Program  There were 4 students out of this small program that received job offers as Dental Assistants while enrolled in the program or within 2 weeks of completion!

"I would like to thank Medical Educators for everything they have done for me! Since the class ended in May 2013 my life has changed.I started my externship with Labcorp in July and landed a full-time job at Mary Washington hospital In August. I believe I have all the skills I need to be a great phlebotomist! Thank you Randy and Denny"
C. Mackall, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"Making the decision to attend Medical Educators was one of the best things I have done. I began the Dental Assisting program in February 2013. Everything was hands-on and my instructor Judy was fantastic. She gave and prepared all of us for everything that we needed to succeed out in the real world. After only six weeks, I felt very prepared and couldn’t wait to step out and find a job. I was very thankful to have had the opportunity to do my externship with her. The externship was my favorite part because it really gives you the opportunity to get a real look at what you will be doing.  I started filling out job applications when I began my externship. Only two weeks after my externship, I quickly found a job working in a Pediatric Dental Office. Thanks to all the staff at Medical Educators especially Denny and Judy because I could not have done it with out all of their support." -
B. Lawrence, Dental Assistant Program

"My life has been in a whirlwind so I haven't had a chance to call and let you guys know I am now a proud Mary Washington Hospital employee, the same hospital where you provided me with a wonderful externship in February 2013!. I was hired last month and it is great! I am soooooo grateful and appreciative for allowing me to attend your program and giving me the meat and potatoes of phlebotomy as Randy would say. Your program was a God send and I can't thank you guys enough for changing my life."  Sincerely ,
Ashley S., NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"I am so thankful for the education I received at Medical Educators! I completed the phlebotomy program in July of 2012 and passed my NCCT exam in August. Randy and Denny really have a wonderful system for teaching and helping their students learn. I felt very prepared and confident to take the national certification exam thanks to Randy's teaching. I now have a great job at a major medical center in Petersburg (where I also completed my  clinical externship)and I look forward to the other opportunities I will have in the future thanks to my training at Medical Educators!" M. Campbell, NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"Thanks Medical Educators for everything! I completed the phlebotomy course externship in January of 2013. Even on my first day, I knew the school wanted nothing more than success from each student! Over the 6 week period, we were constantly motivated and given proper knowledge on what it would take to achieve our goals. Upon completion of my externship with LabCorp, I was offered a full time position with the company!! Also, I am now a Nationally Certified Phlebotomy Technician! I thank Randy & Denny for their encouragement and knowledge, all while providing a fun & safe learning environment! Thanks for everything, Medical Educators!"
B. Rowland, NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"When I enrolled in the June 2012 Phlebotomy class at Medical Educators LLC, the class was filled with passionate and like-minded students from all types of backgrounds and from across the state.  I was thrilled to learn enough to try my first “stick” on Day One of our class. By the end of the lessons, our instructor Randy molded us all into Phlebotomists.  After a short externship, I was confidently interviewing for a Phlebotomy career and I am now employed by a large and well respected hospital in Charlottesville with a solid future in healthcare.  The decision to enroll into this program while commuting from Charlottesville was a wise choice!  Thanks to Medical Educators, LLC for giving me the self-assurance and tools to get there!" 
Kurt V.,NCPT,  C’ville, Virginia, (Phlebotomy Certification Program)  UPDATE: Kurt V. has been promoted to  Phlebotomy Supervisor at this large prestigious Medical Center, all within a year of completing the Phlebotomy Program.  He credits his training at Medical Educator's, his willingness to work hard throughout his education and subsequent volunteer efforts and accepting responsibility as a great part of his success.

"I am so excited about the education I received at Medical Educators. From the first phone call with Denny to the first day of class with Randy, it was such an awesome experience. It was important for me to find a program that was not only affordable, which it was, but one that got me into the work force quick. I didn't want to spend time on prerequisite classes that I didn't really need; like with a community college program. The classes were so packed full of information, Randy is so full of knowledge about what needed to be mastered to not only to pass the national test (which I did awesome on~thanks Randy!) but what we needed to know to land an awesome job! I landed a job only 2 weeks after completing my externship at a great in hospital in Fredericksburg, where I live. I drove down from Fredericksburg for each class and the drive was not bad, actually pleasant most days. Denny did a phenomenal job matching me with a great externship with a hospital down there that was completed in September 2012; again the drive wasn't bad there either. I owe a lot to Medical Educators, if I hadn't found them, I would be stuck in the dead end job I had, instead of the awesome and fulfilling career I have now. Thanks, so much Randy and Denny"
K. Dickinson, NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"A HUGE thank you to Medical Educators! My sister and I completed the phlebotomy program in April 2012 and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the school. Denny and Randy are two excellent people who genuinely care about your education and your future. I knew by the end of the first class that the school was the perfect fit for me! Randy was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable in the course’s subject matter and encouraged every student to try hard and achieve their fullest potential. She is one of my favorite teachers/instructors I have had in all my educational experiences. Denny was very informative, caring, and well organized, he runs the school very well. He makes sure all of your questions are answered and that he has explored all options to help you the best he can. I finished the program with a 97% average and passed my NCCT exam with a great score. After finishing the program I completed my externship with a very well-known company, Patient First, who operate physician offices all along the mid-Atlantic. And lastly, the most exciting news of all, as of September 2012 my sister and I have BOTH landed full-time phlebotomy positions with the American Red Cross! I know that this would never have been possible without Medical Educators and the amazing help and support from Denny and Randy. With my education from Medical Educators I feel confident in my new position and know that I will be prepared for any future position I am offered! Thank you to Denny and Randy who believed in my success, my future, and my fullest potential even when I didn’t believe in myself! Medical Educators has changed my life in so many positive ways, I will be forever grateful and I thank God every day for the opportunity to further my education with such a superb school! THANK YOU!!!!! :D"
UPDATE: I just wanted to write and let you know that I am working full time with Bon Secours as an ER Phlebotomy Tech since January and loving it! I am using everything that I was taught in class and during my externship and wanted to say thanks again! I am also working towards getting my state phlebotomy license in California. (April 2014) 
C. Martin, NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"I started the Medical Billing and Coding course at Medical Educators in May, 2012.  I have always known that I wanted to be in administrative health care services, I just did not know how to make that happen for myself.  I saw an ad online by Medical Educators for Medical Billing and Coding and after reviewing the website and visiting the school for an appointment I immediately registered.  The school charged a very fair amount and all of the staff was very helpful! My instructor, Ms. Bragg, was very friendly and helpful!  Even though the work at times seemed overwhelming, she had a very good way of giving us the confidence we needed to get through the material.With my instructor's help and knowledge and my self-determination I was able to finish the course with a high overall score of 96!  I was then placed in an externship to gain hands on experience with a great company!  I enjoyed all there was to learn and being able to put what I had learned in the classroom to the test! I did not feel out of place, but very confident that I could complete the tasks given to me on the job. I took full advantage of the opportunity that Medical Educators gave to me. The company that I was externing with has now offered me a permanent position. I am also nationally certified as I successfully passed the national certification exam!  I believe that I would have great regrets if I had not attended Medical Educators program.  The staff there led me to success for a fraction of the cost and time I would have spent at any other school and for that I am very thankful!  In just three months, I now have the career I have always wanted. I am a National Certified Insurance and Coding Specialist." 
R. Aldrich, NCICS, Medical Billing and Coding Program

 "I just wanted to tell both of you how everything is going and how appreciative I am. Throughout the weeks of the phlebotomy course that I had taken, not only was the hands on experience very helpful but the instructions we received as a class and the lectures about the field were very rewarding. Now that I have completed the course I have had several opportunities for a career in the field of phlebotomy. Upon the course completion on July 23, 2012, I interviewed with the Lab Corp on July 25, 2012 and am currently undergoing the process of being a full time employee with that company. Medical Educators is exactly what I was looking for to help me get the education, certification, and experience needed to accomplish my goals. Once again I want to thank both of you for all your help and support to help drive my determination for success.  Thank You!"    
J.M. Brown, NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"Thank you Medical Educators for everything that you helped me achieve and learn. This school really cares about the students that enroll with their programs. From the first day of class I knew that I had made the right decision in choosing Medical Educators. The instructor is so determined into making everyone succeed and to gain confidence when entering the medical field. Her guidance and confidence helped me feel confident in not just myself, but my future. Before closing out of the program I was offered a full time position at a pathology lab as a phlebotomist technician and am now working with LabCorp! I can not thank Denny and Randy enough for believing in me and helping me achieve my goals and earn the career that I have always dreamed of!! Thank you so much Medical Educators!
D. Lashbrooks, NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"When making the decision to re-enter the workforce, I felt the medical field was an excellent choice.  After researching the present market and considering the available options with regard to careers, cost of education, and the amount of time it would take before I could begin working, I opted to become a Phlebotomy Technician.  There are several agencies/schools offering instruction leading to certification, and I took the time to evaluate each program.  A good friend of mine had completed the course at Medical Educators a year prior and suggested I consider them. The education was affordable, run by people with a primary focus to improve people’s lives by giving them the skills to have a competitive edge in today’s workforce, and it would all happen within a two-month period . . . a win-win opportunity!  From the very first day of instruction it was obvious the instructor’s passion for and knowledge of the subject matter, which is one of the driving forces behind the success of Medical Educators.  Her desire for each student to succeed confirmed I’d chosen the right school. Since graduating and passing the national exam, Medical Educators remains proactive while cheering me on and expressing a genuine interest in my ability to succeed.  Upon completion of the externship, I began applying for positions with a very specific employer in mind and I am pleased to report I was hired by the company of my choice as a full-time Phlebotomist/Lab Technician!!  If you’re looking for a school that is dedicated to the success of their students and instruction provided that goes beyond the text book, then I highly recommend Medical Educators.  You will have made an excellent investment in your future!"
S. Jean, NCPT Phelebotomy Certification Program

"To Medical Educators, I just wanted to say thank-you for your dedication to me as a student while attending your school. I greatly appreciate all of the resources that you provided, including the great externship. The instructor was excellent and I could tell that she really cared about all of the students. Her knowledge and guidance helped me to ace the course. This school exceeded my expectations, and really encouraged me to take a step into the medical field with confidence. I was very well prepared to enter the job force as a phlebotomist after attending this school. I was also offered a job with Labcorp within weeks of completing the phlebotomy course. I can happily say that I accepted the job and am able to keep up with the demands of the job. Thanks again!" A. Casella, NCPT Phlebotomy Certification Program

"I completed the Phlebotomy Certification Program at Medical Educators in the Spring of 2011.  The presentation and structure of the program was excellent and allowed me to do very well in the course.  The externship was truly outstanding and within weeks of completing everything I obtained a position as a Phlebotomist that exceeded my expectations.  Within 6 months of completing the program, I have  obtained several excellent Phlebotomy jobs, the latest being with Labcorp at a local doctor's office. I would recommend Medical Educators highly to those seeking a new career in the medical field." 
A. Vaeth, NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"I am a Phlebotomy Technician graduate of Medical Educators and I encourage anyone that is considering a career in Phlebotomy to go there.  The classes are small and the instructor is very knowledgeable.  After completing the course and graduating, it has landed me a job as a Phlebotomist at Virginia Blood Services."  C. Tucker, NCPT Phlebotomy Certification Program

Hello my name is Cameo and I completed the Phlebotomist program at Medical Educators November 2010. The course was very detailed and informative but the text was an easy page turner for me. Randy, the instructor, made the class a fun hands on experience for me. After completing my externship I continued to volunteer along side a fellow classmate. After volunteering for three months we where promoted to Lead Phlebotomists , this meant we trained and supervised all new students at the clinic. Volunteering for a year as a Lead Phlebotomist meant that we where eligible for a job paying maximum entry salary. The President of this school put our names in a pool to be contacted for employment if someone was in search of good Phlebotomists. My fellow classmate was chosen first for the job, but decided instead for an exceptional position with St. Mary's Hospital and to further his education. Therefore, I proudly accepted the job and I too am continuing with my education.
I am now a Clinical Technician and I travel to different doctors offices and meet new people everyday collecting specimens. I love my job because it is sooooo hands on. Thank you M.E. (Medical Educators)

Cameo C., NCPT, Phlebotomy Certification Program

"I just wanted to email and thank you guys so much for all you did in the phlebotomy class. I finished with the class in December of 2010 and not even a month after that I had a job down in Richmond working with 16 gauge butterfly needles and 18 gauge straight needles at the local plasma center. I stayed there for about 8 months and am currently a lab assistant/phlebotomist at Johnston-Willis Hospital through HCA. The class really helped me get a good view on anything I would ever need to know for the art of phlebotomy. The classes are small so there is a lot of one on one help if needed and the teachers are exceptional in explaining everything. I have recommended this class to anyone who wants to get into the medical field as a phlebotomist and find a good career doing so, and even some of the nurses I work around who want to get a better grasp on phlebotomy. Thank you again for all you guys have done for me through this class, it made learning fun and exciting. Sincerely, A. Moss,  NCPT,  Phlebotomy Certification Program

" I recently did the EKG program at Medical Educators and was very satisfied with the program and the results it gave. I enjoyed how the course was well organized and provided me with great knowledge for the EKG field. I am a nationally certified EKG technician and now have a job at a large medical center with the externship that Medical Educators provided me with. I recommend Medical Educators to anyone trying to get into the medical field . Thank You Medical Educators for my success!"
 J. Thomas, NCPT/NCET, EKG Technician Program

"I recently completed the EKG program. The instructor's exceptional knowledge, thorough course materials, and externship at a local doctors office, prepared me for the national certification exam. I now have entered the medical field with a job as an EKG Technician at a local hospital. Thanks Medical Educators! " K. Ellrich, NCET, EKG Technician Program

Great School, Great People, Great Experience! I'm very happy with my decision to enroll in the dental assisting program at Medical Educators. I was impressed by their friendliness, knowledge, and interest in my success.  The Dental Assisting instructor, was very efficient in her teaching method, as well as being a very kind and caring person! She gets right down to business, and is easily understood in providing the information necessary to prepare for a Dental Assisting career.  The Campus President takes interest in each of the students and carefully places you in an externship that is a good fit for you individually. I was lucky enough to do my externship at a wonderful office and his head assistant love having students come in to learn, which made my experience that much more enjoyable. I may have been one of the lucky ones, but I feel that Medical Educators aided in my finding a job so quickly. I highly recommend this program!  K. Giustino, Dental Assisting Program
UPDATE: Ms. Giustino has been accepted at a 4 year University to begin her education in Dental Hygiene following her 1 year experience as a Dental Assistant after graduating from Medical Educators!

Making the decision to go to Medical Educators for Dental Assisting was a life changing experience for me. I knew I didn't want to wait tables all my life and that I wanted a career that had a meaning and purpose, and that's where this school came into play. It was probably the best choice I could have ever made for myself. After just six weeks of school, which was taught in a way that was easy to understand and hands-on, I was better equipped to find that job that I was looking for. After finishing school and my externship I quickly found a full-time job at a dental office just barely two weeks later and all thanks to the wonderful staff at Medical Educators! F. Utz, Dental Assisting Program

UPDATE: She has now been a Dental Assistant for 8 years since graduating our Dental Assistant program and works with one of the most prestigious Dental Practices in Midlothian, VA as a Lead Assistant!

Being a stay at home mom and deciding to go back into the workforce was very challenging for me , but when I came across Medical Educators and looked into it ,I found out it wont be so challenging at all. Always knowing I wanted to be in the medical/dental field. This was the perfect opportunity for me , being affordable, close in distance and the great success rate ...I signed up ! The staff was great and my instructor was very knowledgeable and enjoyed teaching. I would recommend this to anyone from a student right from school or a stay at home mom like myself that is interested in the workforce again. Within weeks upon completing the program and having my Dental Assisting certificate I landed a full time job as a Dental Assistant. Im very pleased with the outcome !  H. Doughty, Dental Assisting Program

was laid off from my job with the State of Virginia of 29 years due to budget cut backs in Jan 2010.  I knew that in order to become re-employed, I would need to further my education.  After having researched the demands of the current job market, I discovered that there was a demand for Medical Billing and Coding.  I spoke with previous co-workers who were also in the same boat as I, and made a decision to seek out schools for Medical Billing.  After considering time as well as tuition and eligibility for National Certification , I chose Medical Educators located in Midlothian Virginia.  I completed their program and was placed with a large billing company for my internship.  After completing my internship, I was offered a temp full time job which later turned into permanent employment with benefits.  The instruction at Medical Educators was extraordinary and enabled me to also obtain national certification which enabled me to become employed.  For any one searching for a new career, I would highly recommend this school. It doesn't take long to complete and the tuition was affordable." UPDATE 2014: I have obtained employment with Bon Secours! This is a very prestigious place to work and it wouldn't have been possible without attending your school. Thanks again!
S. Mahanes, NCICS,  Medical Billing & Coding Program 

I have always been interested in the healthcare field and after being in the financial industry for 11 years, I made the decision to change careers.  The possibilities and opportunities to learn and to grow in healthcare are limitless so the decision to switch was easy.  With a little hard work and some help from the right source, you can find success.  I found my success with the help of Medical Educators. The school gave me all the skills and information I needed to get my Medical Billing and Coding certification and start my career in the healthcare field.  The instructor was exceptional, easy to understand, and extremely knowledgeable about the material covered. The small classes allowed each student individual attention . Medical Educators provided an outstanding externship through which I gained a full time position immediately upon completion with one of the nation's largest healthcare management companies. The Medical Billing and Coding Program is a wonderful program and has been such a positive growing experience for me. T. Rhule, NCICS, Medical Billing & Coding Program
UPDATE: Ms. Rhule also graduated from Medical Educators as a Nationally Certified EKG Technician and has now combined her Medical Billing and Coding and EKG certifications to obtain an excellent position at a local Cardiologist office.

Medical Educators offers complimentary job placement assistance.  We have assisted many of our students in obtaining employment and work with a number of employers, externship partners and other healthcare providers to recommend our students for job placement. We do not guarantee employment at the completion of the course but will assist our students in the process of pursuing employment opportunities.